Bitcoin Era briefly explained

The people responsible for Bitcoin Era themselves state on the official website that investors can earn 550 US dollars per hour or 13,000 US dollars with their bot. Verified feedback from numerous customers proves that large profits can indeed be made by using Bitcoin Era. Nevertheless, widespread scepticism persists among investors, according to which automated trading with crypto robots should be treated with caution. Bitcoin Era, however, is one of those platforms that fulfil their promise to investors in full. Here is everything you need to know about Bitcoin Era.

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Bitcoin Era briefly explained

Bitcoin Era is a software solution that allows the automatic trading of Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. The platform’s website states that the bot has a modern algorithm that enables even inexperienced investors to make profits on this volatile market. In addition, Bitcoin Era can analyse huge amounts of data and make decisions much faster than a human could ever do. To trade in the crypto market, Bitcoin Era offers trading in Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Stellar as well as Ethereum, among others.

Features & Functionality

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The creators of Bitcoin Era

The inventor and leading head is Steve McKay. McKay is an internationally recognised financial expert and successful trader. He worked for a renowned company on Wall Street for several years and helped major clients to make enormous profits by using trading software. McKay then founded his own company and developed the crypto robot. He believes that high profits can be made with his bot and that not much experience or expertise is needed to do so.

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Feedback from customers about Bitcoin Era

A satisfied customer of Bitcoin Era describes that he does not have exact statistics on his success. However, he is still a millionaire, but free of debt. He also writes that Bitcoin Era has given him full control over his own life again.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Era


– Bitcoin Era does not charge commissions or other fees for using the platform. Only the usual fees for withdrawals or transactions apply.

– Bitcoin Era’s user interface is simply designed, making it easy to navigate. Even beginners will quickly find their way around.

– Bitcoin Era is considered a reputable application because of its inventor and numerous successes on the crypto market.

– Bitcoin Era users always retain full control and can adapt the bot to their individual needs via numerous settings.

– Bitcoin Era offers a free demo account for those who are undecided or sceptical.


– There is no special app for Bitcoin Era yet. However, the platform can be accessed via common web browsers on iOS and Android devices.

Conclusion on Bitcoin Era

The reports about the success of advanced trading bot are increasing. Many platforms, on the other hand, could not meet the high demands of investors and quickly disappeared from the market again. Bitcoin Era impressively shows what a serious bot with an automatic trading function has to fulfil in order to survive in this field. The developers of Bitcoin Era are working daily on improving the bot in order to be able to offer investors even better profit expectations. Anyone currently looking for an automated software solution for trading cryptocurrencies should take a closer look at Bitcoin Era. Basically, it is advisable to deposit rather small amounts into the account at first and to increase one’s investments step by step.

Bitcoin Era compared to the competition

Bitcoin Era is a consistently reputable and equally successful platform for the crypto market. The bot’s successes show that it performs much better in numerous areas than any of its competitors. Bitcoin Era can be recommended to interested investors without hesitation.