BitcoinTrade announces Crypto Challenge winner

After 6 months of applications, Charles Mendlowicz is in first place with about 82% profitability and an amount of almost 9 thousand reais of profit.

São Paulo, December 2020 – Bitcoin Method a broker specialized in the Brazilian market, announces that the winner of the Cripto Challenge was Charles Mendlowicz. The competition, which the exchange launched in June with 12 invited investors, had as proposal to manage a portfolio with the crypto available at the broker for six months.

The goal of the challenge was to expand the knowledge of the beginner investor through education and with the examples of the competitors. In addition, the brokerage house proposed a social bias with the donation of the profit of more than 73 thousand reais to charity institutions.

Daniel Coquieri, COO of the brokerage house and one of the competitors celebrates the success of the Challenge.

“Today, at the end of the competition, we see that we were able to achieve our main objectives that were established when creating the Crypt Challenge. Our first focus was to bring quality education to beginner investors, through a BitcoinTrade curatorship with serious experts, who care about the correct content. The goal was achieved with more than 200 thousand views in all lives and a lot of educational knowledge for all who followed the Challenge”.

Coquieri also talks about the social bias of the Challenge: “All 12 specialists and BitcoinTrade will donate almost 80 thousand reais this year to all the institutions we are supporting. Surely, this was another objective that we had success. And finally, the competition itself, which was one of the proposals of the brokerage house to generate exchange among the competitors and also oscillation in the ranking”, he points out.

During the challenge, each competitor created an account at BitcoinTrade, the broker gave an initial credit of 5 thousand reais and once a month credited each competitor an extra amount of R$ 1 thousand, to show the importance of consistent monthly contributions.

“It was incredible to participate in the Cripto Challenge, because during this period we were able to exchange experiences both among specialists and with the public that could follow our investment strategies. The crypto market is just starting and the main objective is to educate investors and show how easy and liberating it is to enter this world. Moreover, it is very gratifying to see that all the profit we have obtained during these 6 months of investments will be donated to various charities,” explains the winner Charles Mendlowicz.

The Cripto Challenge also counted with other great influencers, entrepreneurs and youtubers such as Marcel Pechman, Kelly Possebon, Rafaela Romano, Rodrigo Cohen, Felippe Percigo, Rudá Pellini, André Franco, Felipe Escudero, Daniel Coquieri, João Hazim, Augusto Backes.

“The first edition of the Cripto Challenge was very rewarding for the whole BitcoinTrade team and all the participants. Therefore, we are already planning a second edition for 2021, in order to continue bringing knowledge to the market and spreading the culture of education in a correct and reliable way”, concludes the executive.

About BitcoinTrade

BitcoinTrade is a cryptomage-broker entirely focused on the Brazilian market. Created in 2017 by Carlos André Montenegro and Daniel Coquieri, the startup offers in its portfolio the possibility of investing in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple.

Through a robust and secure platform, the company allows both individuals and companies to operate in its system. Startup is also the first cryptomaniac brokerage house in Brazil to have important international certifications, such as PCI DSS, which provides protection of users’ privacy and confidentiality of payment data.